Ritter Hobson, LLC was formed by Daniel A. Ritter and Joseph H. Hobson, Jr., with the merging of their two long-standing firms in 2007. Work with some of Dan's clients dates back to before 1967 when his long term partnership with Roy Harland began. We still have several clients who began working with Roy initially. Joe's practice dates back to 1979 when he began practicing in Keizer and working with farmers, ranchers, forest owners and other business people throughout Oregon.

We strive to give our clients a personal relationship-based surrounding where as a team we work to understand the needs of your family or business.  We endeavor to learn your specific objectives and goals, and develop effective plans to achieve the same. We communicate regularly with our clients and provide you with professional, confidential and comprehensive legal services.

Our practice areas include:

* Wills and Trusts - Estate Planning
* Probate and Trust Administration
* Real Estate and Business Law
* Agricultural Law - Water, Pesticides and Environmental Law
* Private, Public & Quasi Public Organizations

We look forward to assisting you with your legal needs.